Suncon Fund System is an accounting system dedicated to investment funds accounting to evaluate the funds' assets and liabilities and determine the value of participation units or investment certificates.

Implement Suncon Fund System for complete accuracy and auditability.


  • Determination of the amount of revenues and costs of the fund, including accrued interest, amortization, discounts and premiums
  • Determination of the income and costs of the fund from concluded securities loan agreements
  • Implementation of the portfolio settlement process for portfolio transactions
  • Determination of the position of the fund's investment portfolio, broken down into categories, markets and currencies
  • Regular cash inflows and outflows from and to fund investors
  • Confirmation of accrued expenses, including management fees
  • Determination of the market value of the fund's assets and liabilities based on market quotations of instruments or on the basis of valuation models, coupon tables
  • Year end-rolling closing the General Ledger and approving the closure of the fund's financial year
  • Approval of the market values of the fund's assets and liabilities
  • Automatic processing of the valuation of funds' assets and liabilities according to a defined scenario
  • Fund settings copy including posting scheme, cost definition, data processing scheme, unit classes and fund parameters, including default instrument pricing method
  • Portfolio transactions based on WKU files or own files according to a defined format
  • Reconcile cash and portfolio positions to custody/broker record
  • Numerous reports
  • Preparation investor and regulatory reporting